Choosing the right font for the lyrics on your church’s screens can be a tough decision! Of course, it’s important that it’s easy to read and it needs to look good.

For a long time, I would default to something simple, such as Arial, Helvetica, or Myriad Pro. All of these are great typefaces, but they get pretty boring after awhile! So, I began experimenting with some more creative fonts and found that they really add a lot to the Sunday experience. It made our lyrics feel more like a design than simply words on a wall.

It also looked great to match our lyrics with the font from our current series.

If you’re looking to give your lyrics a bold, fresh look, I recommend checking out these fonts:

1. CMG Sans – Free

You can download this font here.

2. Lemon/Milk – Free

You can download this font here.

3. Smoothy Sans – $16

TCP-Images_Created_For_Posts-Unexpected_Fonts-Smoothy_SansYou can download this font here.

4. Raleway Bold – Free

TCP-Images_Created_For_Posts-Unexpected_Fonts-Raleway_BoldYou can download this font here.

5. Bebas Neue – Free

TCP-Images_Created_For_Posts-Unexpected_Fonts-Bebas_NeueYou can download this font here.

6. Faith & Glory – $16

TCP-Images_Created_For_Posts-Unexpected_Fonts-Faith_GloryYou can download this font here.

Do you have any other unexpected lyric fonts that you would recommend?
Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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