Church Motion Graphics recently posted a great article on how to properly set up your computer to run Sunday morning media. Trust me—these ten guidelines will make a huge difference in the performance of your machine and will keep you looking professional. I’ve had more than a few goofs in front of a large crowd because of some of the issues that these tweaks will save you from. So whether you’re running ProPresenter, EasyWorship, MediaShout, or PowerPoint, these tricks will save you a few headaches.

  1. Turn off all system sounds
  2. Change your desktop wallpaper to solid black
  3. Install all software updates and confirm you have the latest hardware drivers
  4. Remove all unnecessary software and startup programs
  5. Install more RAM
  6. Free up your hard drive space
  7. Disable your screen saver and power saving modes
  8. Disable all hot corners
  9. Disable all notifications and popups
  10. Clean the fans in your computer

Check out the full article for more information on each of these great tweaks!

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