One of the biggest challenges with planning creative elements in your church’s services is getting everyone on your team on the same page. There have been times in my own ministry journey where I’ve worked hard on a project only to discover later that it didn’t align with my lead pastor’s vision for that season. In the same way, I’ve experienced times when our church’s creative team was totally in sync with our leadership, yet we failed to properly communicate that vision with the other departments in our church.

Churches are at their best when all of their leaders are aligned with a single vision.

In an effort to create a clear, understandable vision for our leaders throughout the year, our church’s creative team developed this Creative Service Planning Calendar. For a long time, we had been trying to develop a creative planning process and a system for laying out our sermon schedule. We also had hoped for a way to align what we were preaching with the other areas of communication and creativity throughout our church.

The Essential Planning Calendar Your Church Needs To Be Creative All Year Long

While this new system isn’t perfect and we’re still making changes as we discover the role it plays in our organization, I thought it may be a good, downloadable resource to share with the TCP community. Feel free to change and adapt it to your own church’s needs and planning preferences. It was a big shift for our leadership to implement, so I recommend being flexible when you begin using it.

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What Do You Think?

Is this something you would use in your church? Do you already have a planning calendar like this in place? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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