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“Welcome home” is the perfect message for churches to use to create a sense of loving community in their services. It’s not only fitting as a greeting for first time guests, but a reminder for regulars that your church is a place where they can belong. This phrase has become increasingly popular over the last several years as it’s been used by influential churches such as Hillsong and Church of the Highlands.

Since many ministries are adopting this motto, I thought it would be helpful to create these title images that are ready to use in your services. I’ve created ten different looks in two colors (black and white) that have transparent backgrounds. That means you can use them over any other graphic in presentations, social media images, or print material.

I hope you enjoy them!

Download HD Images


Welcome Home Graphics

Fonts Used: BaronFaith & GloryCamptonDidotGothamFlower CityLemon MilkNexa SlabSteelfish, and Zooja

Photo used with permission from Piedmont Chapel in Greensboro, NC.

Kendall Conner

What do you get when you combine production, design, and communications together with a passion for the Church? It turns out, this is the precise formula to make up Kendall Conner. For over 20 years, this Christ-led creative has been bridging the gap between media and ministry. In addition to serving as the creative pastor in his local church, he is the Chief of Operations for Church Motion Graphics, a ministry-focused design studio that serves thousands of houses of worship around the globe. Kendall specializes in equipping church media leaders and volunteers to utilize creativity in their services to share the hope of Jesus.


  • Debi says:

    Thanks a lot!

  • EMJ says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these, Kendall! Not only are they eye-catching & unique (and will be put to great use in rotation with our other pre-service slides), but they were an inspiration at our meeting today as we finalized our church slogan & narrowed-down the font choices. TCP is an awesome blessing to our church & I’m very grateful that God has called on your gifts to connect with other churches as we all carry out the Great Commission. Keep up the fantastic work…your insight & talent are greatly appreciated!

  • Dan says:

    Thanks Kendall!

  • rodney says:

    Thank you sir!

  • I appreciate what the Lord is doing through you, continue your awesome ministry and thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Daniel Joy says:

    This has been very helpful. Thanks a lot.

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