Last weekend, I had the opportunity to run media for a youth conference in Indianapolis. For four worship services I was responsible for everything that went across two screens. While I stayed pretty busy between lyrics, videos, and sermon slides, there was inevitably some downtime at different spots in the services.

Normally, I would turn to my iPhone to kill some time during slow moments like these, but this time was different. As I went to scroll through my Twitter feed, I quickly remembered this post and that there were 1,000 teenagers no more than 20 feet from me whose lives were being changed. God reminded me that there was something much more productive than counting my retweets that I could do in that moment.

As we’re running media for worship services, our ministry shouldn’t be constrained within the borders of our computer monitors. We should be aware of what’s going on around us and praying for the ministry that’s happening in that moment. There will always be times where it’s tempting to kill time rather than completely focus. We’ve all heard a sermon or two that have gone a little too long, but we must remember that there are lives being changed around us.

What would it look like if your downtime in service was filled with prayer rather than your Facebook feed? How much more would you be in tune with what God was doing in the lives around you if there wasn’t an iPhone in your hand? When was the last time that you allowed God to speak to you as you ran media?

This Sunday, even if prayer doesn’t always come so naturally to you, give it a shot. As you’re clicking lyrics, say a prayer for your worship team. Pray for your sound, lighting, and video equipment to function properly. Pray for your pastor as he delivers his message. Pray for content to stick in your congregation’s minds. Pray for lives to be changed. Even pray for yourself. Ask God to help you project with passion and to be in sync with what He’s doing in service.

Remember, we are always at our best when we’re most connected to Him.


  • SJ says:

    Amen, brother! So glad to hear that. Lets always remember that it’s always about the people first. In media ministry it’s so easy to get focused on the little details and forget the big picture: Gods heart for his children. Even when things are not going the way I want it (with the technique), it doesn’t matter because I know that Jesus goes beyond my faulty projection or not so perfect sound engineering. He still touches people, changing hearts and lives. And that’s awesomest thing ever! :-)

  • Debbie says:

    This challenged me to stop checking my phone so often during services. This week I’ll bring a journal, and will write out prayers when I feel distracted. What was meant to be a distraction, I’m going to make have spiritual impact! Boom.

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