Fonts play a huge role in creative ministry. We use them on our screens, in our print, in our social media campaigns, and nearly every area in between.

Great typography immediately catches the eye and draws your audience in.

There are many websites that offer huge libraries of free typefaces, but it often can be difficult to find the high-quality ones.  So, I’ve handpicked twenty of my favorite new fonts that you can download for $0.00.

They’ll look great on sermon slides, social media images, flyers, and just about anything else.


Coves IntroRustSantEliaGagalinDebbyPlaylistWaywardSelinaBesomKnileMightypeSimplificaExodusAudreyAileronsAnuratiPeaceLombokCornerstone

I hope that your church will find these useful as you’re ministering to your community. Share this resource with as many ministry leaders and designers as you can!

Need help installing these on your computer?
How To Install Fonts On A Mac
How To Install Fonts On A PC


What Do You Think?

Which of these fonts is your favorite?
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